11/21/16 Weekly Blog #2 - Messing With UI

Hey Everyone,


So I've made it to week 2 with these blogs! 

Last week I had talked about making checklists for any sort of project that was you somewhat stay on track. In case I didn't make it clear in the last blog, CHECKLISTS ARE GREAT, seriously though I've pretty much run my life off of checklists at this point just because otherwise I'm just a complete mess. But that's a story for another time. So you've sat down and made a checklist of things that need to get done with your project. You gave yourself a time frame in which you expect to get done with the check list. Fast forward to the end of that time frame and guess what? You only got through maybe at least half of it. Do you get bummed out? Sure yeah you feel like a failure, but you know what? It happens, depending on what you had on your list, you'll(almost) never get it done in time. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's good to keep on a schedule but know that with game development you never know what kind of speed bumps you'll hit. So basically what I'm saying is: I didn't get as much as I had planned to get done since last week. But I did some tweaking, fixing, and mostly UI stuff. 


A lot of it is back-end stuff, but I started messing with the main menu, I still need to do something more with it though. Maybe animate the picture of Boris or something. 

You may also see that I started tweaking with the stars in the background too, personally I think they need a lot more work. But I updated the old particle system I was using to make them(oops). For now, placeholder sprites! The main menu is the least of my worries right now though since I don't plan on showing the game at any conventions anytime soon. So time to jump into the actual gameplay.


Not much has changed, I did update the UI(it's really not noticeable). For some reason when I first came up with the HUD I decided not to use the UI for the borders. So now that's all updated.

The stars have been toned down A LOT, still trying to find a good balance and make them more pleasing to the eye. I want them to still be there, but not interrupt the gameplay. 

Speaking of gameplay, I didn't get to messing with the whole wave system just yet, hopefully I can get to it this week. So this week will mostly be me messing with particles and hopefully messing around with the wave system. I want to try to stay away from the design aspect of the game for a couple weeks and focus mostly on the programming. 

In other news, It'd be nice to get the website updated a little more. Maybe put these blogs in a page or something, forums would be nice too. Maybe in time. I need to start getting better at keeping up eith social media. But first let me try to keep up with theses blogs. 

Until next week! Have a great thanksgiving!