11/28/16 Weekly Blog #3 - Game-Jams and Small Projects

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did. 

This weeks blog is about how helpful doing small projects like gamejam games, or just making small prototypes here and there really is. It's the best way to learn honestly. I've been developing games since about 16(6 years now) and it's all the small projects that helped teach me everything I know. Come up with an idea, see what you can do with it. Can't figure something out? Google it. Game development is mostly problem solving, once you learn how to solve all the basic problems you can just expand from there. I learn new things almost everyday when developing. Small projects also let you take a break from staring at the same big project you've been working on for months. It's refreshing but also keeps you from getting rusty, it actually helps you in the long run. 

Every year I like to make a new "Escape Skelt Dunjin" just a small little game, simple idea but designed differently every time. That way I know how to do something. In Escape Skelt Dunjin(1) I learned how to add some customization to the game as well as minor api integration and more expansive player prefs. 

It was a great learning experience. 


Then in Escape Skelt Dunjin 2 I expanded my knowledge of customization a little bit, and made it a 3d fps which I've never really had too much experience in. 



It came out pretty good I'd say! 

I have tons of prototypes that will most likely never be used or turned into anything but the ideas and things learned from them can be carried onto other projects. 

A big thing I've been trying to work on is mobile and VR games so I've made a couple prototypes just to get a feel for it. Also google is your best friend. 

Keeping it short and sweet this week! Until next week!