1/9/17 Weekly Blog #5 - Powerups and updated website

Hey everyone,

Actually was able to get a couple solid days of developing in this past week. I started working on new music and finally started adding powerups into the game.

Right now they look terrible but they are the giant spheres that drop from random enemies after being killed. They can give you more lives, a shield, a steady laser, a higher fire rate, bombs etc. Each will have it own design so you'll know what your going to get and decide whether or not it's worth possibly risking a life to go get as it drops to the bottom of the screen. The problem I'm having now is the more stuff I add into the game the more congested the screen starts looking. Which I'm slowly starting to fix with a new wave/spawn system and new particles. I'm still trying to get a good ratio of flashy and bright where it needs to be and not so much stuff where it doesn't need to be. This week I'm hoping to either make the game look better, get new music done, finish up the powerups, or who knows what I'll end up doing. But it's moving forward as planned.

Another thing I did this past week was finally finish up the website. Some of the issues with colors and fonts as well as a new forum section, which is where the majority of any support or conversations for any released/in development games will be. So feel free to check those out and sign up!

Until next week!