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In the past, I looked back at the footsteps of my childhood and opened the dusty treasure chest. Look for childhood fun and relive the warmth of memory. The passage of time, the warmth in memory has been eroded. Growing up, because I missed the sweetness of the silk, so I turned over my old photos and memories. Just like in a dream, stooping, bowing, sitting in a piece of maple forest. From time to time, picking up a fallen maple leaf, carefully browse through the wonderful stories recorded on it, let the time stay in this second lavender suffocating entangled with the white mist, making me confused. A few minutes later, "��, ��, �� Cigarettes For Sale..." A huge wind sent me to a lonely corridor Marlboro Gold. I slightly lifted my sleepy eyes and tried to get rid of the sleepiness. I have just been shocked by the head, standing up to the deadly promenade Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but exudes a happy taste. The taste of happiness seems to be very close, and it is close at hand; it seems to be very far away, coming from ancient times. I suddenly had a chill, and I had never had a nervous feeling. before. I can feel a sense of long-lostness in the air, like... we seem to know each other. I reached out and took off the dust on it. The big characters above surprised me. I thought it was already forgotten, but it was pulled into the aperture of memories by this album. The memories hidden deep in the mind are coming out a little bit. When eating, when drinking water, when watching TV, when laughing... Hey! This is... a 6-year-old photo with my best friend Sakura in the Science Museum. I remember, at the time, I found a hidden "hole." I took the hand of Fang Qingyang and vaguely remembered that her hand was warm and warm to my heart. I held her hand tightly, and I hope that time will stay at this moment. A green eye attracted my gaze, and I quietly said to Sakura: "Go, go see this." Three meters... two meters "ah!" A scream of screams broke through the sky, did not wait for me to react When I came over, Sakura shook hands and said, "Yes, there are dinosaurs!" "Uh huh??" I walked over with suspicion, "hahahahaha..." It turned out to be the fossil of dinosaurs! She glimpsed me like this, and walked over: "What?" She said with anger and laughter. "It turned out to be a dinosaur fossil dream. Dreams may be the most authentic side of the human heart. Then, why is the nose sour? Why? There are tears in my eyes? I sucked my nose so hard that I couldn't let my tears fall. I took a few steps, but I didn't find it. Of course, a teardrop was finally shackled from the corner of my eye. I flew from the corner of my eye. Silently dripping on the brown-black floor.
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