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Life, blooming bright colors in the encounter, blooming undefeated flowers in the heart. In my life, there is such a color that warms my heart and gives me strength Marlboro Gold. In early spring, my parents and I traveled. In that prosperous and ancient city, it is full of various colors-the bright colors of neon lights, the rigor of people who come and go in hurried footsteps is white, the ancient rhyme of Jiangnan's Dai ... all colors are like the palette in the hands of the painter The same is intertwined. I looked at the novelty and got tired over time. Our father dragged us to an old commercial street and took a break. We hang around in various stalls and feel the breath of history Parliament Cigarettes. Walking, walking, I saw a crowd of people around a stall. Because of curiosity, I spoke to my parents and went straight to there. I squeezed into the crowd and saw an old man in a blue robe writing a brush. "Cut, what's so good about this?" I thought, ready to retreat. The old man finished a word and dipped it with a pen. Wait, what pen did he use? I widened my eyes, and after careful observation, I was convinced, oh my god, he was writing with a brush in his mouth! I was shocked. The old man was dressed in a blue robe with flowers printed on the background of the navy blue. The supposedly full sleeves deflated strangely-oh, this is an armless old man! I continued to watch. The old man bit his big pen with the thickness of three ordinary neutral pen holders, dipped in pen and ink, found the correct position on the paper, bent over and wrote smoothly. Perhaps it was too hard, and sweat beads oozed from the old man's gray, somewhat bald head. His eyes were fixed on the paper, his face carved into the years had no expression other than concentration, and there was nothing but him and paper and pen. So I forget both things, the navy blue robe is unique in the noisy, the color makes me unable to move my eyes. What did the years give the old man to make the navy blue so unique? He may also have a healthy body and a smooth life. Like the bystanders, we have realized the true meaning of life with awe. When doom comes, he may be desperate and want to end his life, but he finally wants to understand, survived, and wrote a "hard" life with a kind of "soft" power. I was stunned by the "hardness" of this life and the meticulous "hard" navy blue. The spring is cold, and the navy blue that fought against fate has always inspired me.
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