Escape Skelt Dunjin

Escape Skelt Dunjin is what happens when you take a 48 hour game jam game and showcase it at a game convention and everyone loves it so much that you decide to put another days work into it and release it to the public.

So you've found out the Skelingtons secret plan to invade the world and spoop humanity so much that they can enter right into us and take over the entire world! Can you escape the skillets before they spook you? Be sure to watch out for the dooters, if they catch you they'll be sure to get inside of you, then there will be no hope for the world. The skulls will win........

Escape Skelt Dunjin is a fast paced survival game. The goal is simple......STAY AWAY FROM THE DOOTERS, gather all the keys to unlock the doors, and survive as long as you can. You can even try to escape and warn humanity of the impending doom that is skeletal apocalypse.


Players : 1

Platform : PC/MAC

Release Date : October 31st, 2015